Creation of Failure

by Satyrasis

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David Peterman - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Matt Trzcinski - Lead Guitar
Dimitrios Mitropoulos - Drums
Alan Budlong - Bass Guitar


released February 1, 2008

Produced: Peterman & Trzcinski

Recorded: May 2007-January 2008 At the Following Locations:
Drums, Bass, Vocals: Pegleg Studios - Howell, MI
Rhythm & Lead Guitars: Fuckcycle Studios - Lansing MI

Engineering & Editing: Matt Trzcinski
Mixing: Matt Trzcinski & John Miller - Pilgrim Sound Labs -Lansing, MI

Mastering: Colin Davis - Imperial Mastering - Pacheco, CA



all rights reserved



Satyrasis Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Lockjaw
Assigned to oblivion, justice denied
Stockholders control the intelligent life
Crushed underneath, the public’s opinion
Freedom of speech, under Dominion

No cure in sight for the vicious disease
Fear breeding silence, the moral misdeeds

Defining morality
A judgment of hypocrisy
Shroud motives in secrecy
The new demise of liberty

Constitutional sodomy, the powers unite
Homogenized commentary, the left and the right
Rape of our system - our backs always turned
The power of money - our lesson learned

Decisions made beyond our control
Lies, the story forever untold
Destruction of truth - Buried by greed
Conformist ideals have planted their seeds
Fuck all your rules to silence our lives
Slitting our throats with star spangled knives
Commission so righteous - A boardroom conception
Censoring by callous deception

Freedom's despair dwells in our minds
They've trampled our right with stickers and fines
Kept in the dark we search for he light
Mouths sewn shut - Jaws locked tight
Track Name: Stench of the Earth
Stench of the Earth

I can't escape this prison of contempt
Desperate people with malicious intent
Try to move forward - all the bridges are burned
Too many problems but no one is concerned

I can't do this anymore
My heart is heavy and my brain is sore
I'm tired of trying and all I can see
Is a blackened sun staring back at me

The pain of life has drained me
Beyond all that I am
Nothingness will consume me
World falls apart in my hands

Forget about living - Hands always tied
Everyday I think mass homicide
The stench of the earth withers my life
Collective humanity causes nothing but strife

This gauntlet we run mangles our head
Makes us think we're better off dead
But no matter what, I'm not going to quit
Because I hate my life and everything in it
Track Name: A Sheep in Wolves' Clothing
Bask in the beauty of wrath unspoiled
The strike of a snake once quiet and coiled
Every minute you live takes something from me
Now I'm happy, watching you bleed
A joyless being, forever wasting your days
Delusional part you were destined to play
Treading upon those closest and dear
Dissolving the love you unconsciously fear

Infamous in your own mind
Misery is all I hope you will find
Withered inside - Sorrow withholding
You're just a sheep in wolves' clothing

Friend means nothing to the selfish and cruel
Lost in your games, always playing the fool
The face you wear depends on the person you're with
Lay waste to the man to build up the myth

A life of nothing you destined to spend
Defaulted design, the means to an end
Ignore reality, savor the past
Forget the weakness, your judgment's been cast
Track Name: Fiend
Woe is my life - Forever draped in night
The dragon's thirst, my curse
Despised by all is my downfall
I'm inhumanity at its worst
After dusk fades - my life betrayed
A scourge of god awaits
Blood of hte living slurped unforgiving
This casket dwellers fate

Born into darkness - Living for death
Amongst the shadows, where torment rests
Carnivorous thirst, draining mankind
Thy wretched nightmare poisons your mind
The fluid feast - strengthen the wicked
Nocturnal breathren thrive in the sickness
Burning forever - No ashes will fall
Driven to kill - I'll feed on you all

Centuries old - my story told
Portray the vile beast
The man I was had mortal flaws
Now guiltily I feast
Lonesome I walk - The fools I stalk
Forget that we remain
More human blood drips down my tongue
Prolong our violent reign

Let the blackened blood
Boil in my veins
Shroud my mind in hatred
Erase the stabbing pain
Wash away my failures
Create a demon true
Invoke the hellish monster
Let my plague ensue

Moonlight shines on cold dead skin
I feel the hunger rise from within
Wanting her beauty, needing her being
Ingesting her life - An unholy feeding
Glistening fangs enter her flesh
Sweet virgin blood - Despicably blessed
One crimson kiss - Destiny now secure
Immortal she lives - Alluring soul made impure

Union most foul - Spitefully bound
Two fallen souls enslaved
Lusting to crave
Together in grave
Our vicious curse embraced
Track Name: Hourglass
Thoughts of death beseige the mind
Reality the most rotten kind
I fight the need to give up every day
To fund the debts I'll never repay
Day and night blur into one
Meaningless, I lay here numb
Remind myself of why I'm here
Then mourn the death of all I hold dear

Turn the hourglass over again
I hear death calling 'round the bend
Buried by the falling sand
Because Time's all you ever had

Denial slowly gets us by
Reminds us all the paths we've tried
Pretend meaning gives life purpose
Then back to nothing, He returns us

Dead to you
Dead to me
I'm all I'll
Ever be
Fuck this life
Fuck this world
Reduced to dust
God's will unfurled
Ignorant bliss
We're running blind
Deception's course
Run through my mind
The fate ahead
Plagues mankind
Together we suffer
His plan divine

Time creeps up with a killer's intent
Can't help but wonder where the days went
Alone you wait - the coffin calls
Close the book on a life so small
Track Name: Bloodbourne
Hunger open eyes
Muscles sore and weak
Needles strewn upon the floor
Silence roars defeat
Wander through the urban mist
Screaming up my lungs
Sickness spills into the streets
I gasp and bite my tongue

Weaving through the alleyways
the wolves begin to chase
Vicious scores of raving mad seek human flesh to taste
Eons starved of carnage
Beneath the boiling stars
Released upon the masses
Bearing grievous harm

Chaos fills the cities
Plague begins to thrive
Modern man returns to beast
Kill to stay alive

Revelations Prophesied
Hell unfold before my eyes

Solace found in company
A void of trust and apathy
Forced upon these desperate souls - fighting to survive
Imprisoned by the bloodthirsty
Await attack now constantly
Prayers for help in any form - on deaf ears they fall
Lost among the rotting ones
Humanity a setting sun
Listless hearts slay en masse - those who would consume
Splitting skin with dulling blades
Shattered skulls vomit brains
Faced with death as seconds pass - clinging to my gun

Spit in the face of God
Promised future's grave slowly dug
Remnants of decadence
Lay twisted, soaking with blood
Erased by Evolution
To the viral beast, slowly fed
Arrogant few left to wander
Empires of the Walking Dead
Track Name: Seven Thousand Days
Midnight whispers fade into fear
Terrified of what will be
Visions of the end pulse in my head
A desolate future I'll never see
The barren waste that is my life
Before me collapses
A living, decaying corpse
Now present in my abscence

Crying out to the sky
Empty soul in an emptier world
One more day to get by
Pretending life has a meaning for me
Seems the harder I try
The more dreams slowly slip from my grasp
Losing the race against time
Buried alive, corroding within

Seven thousand days I've bled
The crimson trail of nothing
My rotting heart sliced open
Filling the grail of regret

Each day I feel all hope is lost
Drowned in Time's abyss
Grave mistakes devour light
Serve my time in darkness
In idle hands my devil's conceived
A stagnant pool of waste
Fingers point beyond the man
Inside a soul disgraced

I don't want to be forgotten
And I don't want to die alone
I wish that I could go to heaven
But I know I probably won't
I know that I can't live forever
So until that fatal breath
I just can't help wonder
Is there more to life than death

Tearful, I wait for the thief in the night
A lonely, black death, my epitaph trite
Erase from the record no more will I be
This body will rot, now nothing is me
Track Name: Cyclopean Shores

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